Specification ( 規格 | 仕様 )

SPECIFICATION and Advantages:

Solid state modelling clay (solid clay) is an environmentally friendly handicraft material similar to building blocks, jointing mechanism embedded in the true cubical housing.  It can perform Digital Materialization convert 1:1 digital Voxel (pixel) graphic to solid clay element assembling objects and can be assembly manually or mechanically. Its characteristics like construction materials so to assembly object with mechanics knowledge, and it can be assembly functional objects. Unlike LEGO-type unidirectional jointing, our product is more malleable due to its multi-directional 3D jointing system. Using 3D printing layering and weaving assembling method, it can be assembled into product housing and giant sculptures up to 3 meters tall or higher, and the finished product can be manually disassembled and completely returned to the material, so it is very environmentally friendly. It can be assembled into infinite large or small shapes only needs block element.

Three type solid state modelling clay element - Arch Prism, Block and Cylinder
Three type solid state modelling clay element - Arch Prism, Block and Cylinder
Special designed four jaws chuck like socket
Special designed four jaws chuck like socket

1) Solid State Modelling Clay designed in cube form factor and alter to three main element type – Arch, Block and Cylinder.
2) Symmetry design, machine aesthetics, precision as mechanical device
3) All plug & socket in center of each face so it can connect other elements and turn it at any angle
4) Can swap all plug to socket so no projecting plug
5) Scale-able – can assembly small and large scale object depend on you have how many element , multi-purpose (assembly toys and functional object applications)
6) Can assembly hinge, shaft and slide bar system etc..
7) Can assembly 3D characters, word and text, symbols etc
8) Each element has 2 through socket, 2 blind socket and 2 spherical shaft (plug/socket swap-able)
9) You can design your own parts, stress concentration portion may use double side tape or glue to reinforcement
10) Assembly tools for making another designs

Material: ABS Plastic (Ultrasonic Welding)
Size: 18mm each side

Socket (Clamp) and Plug: Special design 4 jaw clamps using ABS elasticity to grip same property cylindrical hollow plugs.



  1. Each element can be reused for any other project.
  2. Basically using the block element can build all.
  3. All plugs can hide without blocking other element movement so all parts can freely adjust angle, sliding and moving.
  4. can assembly frame and plate/sheet (large flat surface) easily because it is in cube form factor.