TransformCube vs 3D Printing

TransformCube Technology vs 3D printing
TransformCube building beads3D Printing
MethodManual assembly or Machine assemblyMachine printing only
MaterialBuilding Beads (ABS, PC etc)PLA, ABS, Filament & Resin etc
Material ShapeTrue CubeSphere dot
Connection methodMechanical plug and socketMaterial Fused Deposition or SLA
Product resolutionBuilding beads sizenozzle or lens resolution pixel size
Can interrupt while printing/assembling?YesNo
Hanging in mid air portionNo need supportneed printing support (waste)
Assembly axis movingX, Y, ZX, Y, Z
LayeringAssembly in Layer by LayerMaterial is deposited in layers
RecyclePrimary recycle is manual deconstruction and reconstruction, Secondary recycle in factoryCollect and recycle in factory only
Max. Product SizeUnknownDepend on printable area of 3D printer
PowerNo need power when human assemblyNeed power
Manipulation object while assembling/printingCan manipulate object when assemblyOnly manipulate object after printing finished
FinishingCan assembly additional parts any time after finishedOnly glue additional parts
TransformCube Building Beads Exclusive Special features
Micro angle adjustment of the two plugs
Building beads has three different shape and functions – Arch Prism, Block and Cylinder
Can adjust angle between each building beads
Can using different color building beads for each connection
Pythagoras Triangle brackets
[4(3), 5(4), 6(5) blocks],
[7(6), 9(8), 11(10)],
[6(5), 13(12), 14(13)] etc..